Life of The Plant

When my father was in college, a student rental house near were he lived caught fire. The next day he went with some friends to inspect the wreckage and discovered a smoldering houseplant. The original owner had either died in the fire or committed suicide (I forget which), so my father adopted the plant.

Thirty years later, the plant lives on in my parents dinning room. One day I took some clippings from and put them in a vase to see how much they would grow. The plant grew and grew and grew until ...

25 May 2015. Clippings from the original plant are put in water.

10 August 2015. With the formation of roots, it is time to pot the plant.

6 February 2016. The Plant takes an eight month vacation to a dorm.

18 July 2016. Able to reach doorknobs, the plant escapes.

20 November 2016.

2 January 2018.