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Written by Adrian Stoll December 2014

(runs single command without clearing screen)

(clears screen and runs code entered about)
BACKdistanceBKmoves turtle opposite direction
CLEANerases all graphics, does not affect turtle heading
CLEARGRAPHICSCGclears current graphics, resets everything
FORWARDdistanceFDmoves turtule forward
HIDETURTLEHThide tutle cursor
HOMEmoves cursor to home position
LEFTdegreesLTturns left specified number of degrees
PENDOWNPDputs pendown
PENERASEPEturns pen into eraser by setting color to background color
PENUPPUraises pen
RIGHTdegRTturns turtle to the right specified number of degrees
SETHEADINGdegSETHturns turtle to the right specifed number of degrees
SETPENCOLORcolorSETPCsets color of pen (accepts color names, rgb(7,128,90) format, #FF0077 format)
SETXYx, ysets position of cursor
SHOWTURTLESTshows turtule cursor
TOWARDSx, ysets heading towards specifed point

Example: draw an equilateral triangle

RT 30
FD 100
RT 120
FD 100
RT 120
FD 100
RT 150
FD 50